24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service in Homestead Area

We understand that emergencies can happen at any hour and any day but with Ivan Electric you can feel confident that we are always available 24/7 for you. Our expert technicians are always available to assist you with all your emergency electrical needs. Our scissor lifts, aerial lift truck and bucket truck allows us to tackle herd to reach emergency situations.

Emergency Electrical Services


Electric problems can cause property damage and serious injuries. Therefore you should never ignore electric problems. Even if it looks like a minor problem first, but later on it can lead to major problem such as a circuit that repeatedly trips or a flickering light seems to be minor problem at first but it could result in something more dangerous. The experienced electricians at Ivan Electric provide round the clock emergency electrical services to commercial and residential customers throughout the Homestead area.

Safety Repairs

It is always better to call Ivan Electric at the first sign if an electric problem rather than allowing the problem to persist. When you call us at (305) 646-9365, all your calls are answered by our licensed and certified technicians. Our professional electricians are ready to help you even at the off hours. So, whenever you need an emergency electrician in Homestead area just call Ivan Locksmith and our electrician will reach at your location identify the problem, diagnose its cause and make complete and accurate repairs to restore the safe electrical function.

Improvements and Installations

It is very essential to replace or repair damaged or old electrical wiring before it becomes a danger. A damaged wire can cause very serious problem without any warning. Installing new and safe equipments reduces the risk of damage due to damaged wiring and can also improve the flow of electricity in the building. Customers can decrease the need for emergency services, by utilizing the business electrical systems and general regular maintenance on home. The electrical services offered by Ivan Electric include installation, replacement and repair of switches, electric panels, breaker boxes and much more. For further information call (305) 646-9365.